Take a break before FPL Starts | Refresh Your Mind

Well, It’s not something that you wanted to read, but I had to pen it down. This article is not about the Strategies, Tips, Bargains, Ones to Watch out for, and so on.

Premier League is going to start on 12th Sept, everyone is excited about it. This time FPL too has a little break due to Corona Virus Pandemic repercussions.

Let’s understand that this is a fantasy game where you need decision making and a little bit of luck is involved. Let’s not talk about Luck as it is not in our hands.

There is one trait that is involved in playing FPL, which is making a good decision. Whether to make a transfer or not, Captain Choice, When to play Chips, and all that.

The problem is that you can never be 100% right, so we work on the probability and stats to help us to make those decisions. We have so much FPL content from so many great FPL managers around the world. It’s good that we have so much information.

You can consume as much information as you want but in the end, you will never listen to anyone and make your decision based on the information you have accumulated over that week.

Our Weekend mood depends on how much points we score than the average score. Most of the time, we feel that I should have stuck to this choice rather than that.

Watching Premier League games thinking only of FPL points is not a great way to enjoy the games. We are emotionally so overwhelmed if our player picks doesn’t perform the way we expect him to be.

It creates a lasting impact on our mind and that plays a huge role in decision making going ahead. I would like to quote one example here, prior to this season I captained Son a few times as a differential and he returned me the favor by scoring huge double-digit points.

It had a huge influence on my decision making subconsciously and I captained Son many times last season, even though he was not in the best of form and got Red Card as well when Captained.

You can prepare and spend as much time you want before the season starts, but the real fun starts when the Premier League Starts.

I do not want to force anything here, but take some time off before the new FPL season starts. Recharge your batteries, refresh your minds. You can start working on your team 3-4 days ahead of the first game when things are clear. Clarity is a must to make decisions.

Ideally, a decision should be made within 10 mins. Once you go beyond that, you are into overthinking mode. You may not notice but Overthinking is mentally draining and it will affect your day to day life decisions as well.

Spending too much time on the decision is not good. If you spend more time you will feel that this decision has to 100% in our favor. In the case of FPL, it will never give 100% satisfaction. We feel that decision should have given maximum points as we have spent too much time thinking about it. Less time you spend on it, less you will be worried about it.

We are spending time on things, which we can not control. Remember one thing, you have to be happy about the choices you make even if it doesn’t work out for you. After all, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient.

You do not have to emotionally attach to the player picks so that you forget everything around you. You must enjoy the game of Football.

Be Unique, develop your own playing style. You can get only better at it from your learnings. You won’t always finish Top 1k or beyond 1M, this is a fact. You can consistently have a good rank by being ahead of the curve. No one is too good or too bad at this game, that’s why we all play.

I know PL fixtures announced and we still have 3 weeks to go.

After all, it is just a game, play it for fun. Take a break when there is an official break.


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