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Manchester United spoils City Party || Stalemate at Mersyside || EPL Saturday Review

Well Well Well ! Just when you thought EPL was sealed tonight Pogba had different plans. That was some game at Etihad. Anti Climatic it was ! Manchester United Spoils City’s Party.

I would have written about it tomorrow but it is better time to express just when the game ended.

Liverpool and Manchester United scored 3 each against City within a week and it will hurt Man City fans a lot. As they have been dominant force throughout this campaign.

Raises a question why EPL teams did not do it against City ?

But it raises a question. why no one really pressed city since season began ? May be if someone had attacked them the way Liverpool and Man United did this week, then other teams would have played against them that way. Every team was so bothered about their possession and attacking flair. No team ever got going against City.

Having said all that it does not take credit away from City’s stellar season, but it poses a question that every team who were beaten by City was mentally on the back foot given the reputation that they earned over the course of this season.

I hope this two results that City got against top sides shows that in next season City will be challenged by teams such as Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea (if they change their manager). Guardiola has to change his system and tactics accordingly to deal with it because Man City are not Gaurdiola’s Barca as this City team gives away ball high up the pitch if  they get pressed heavily.

Still there is no denying that they are a week away from the title.

Mersyside Derby that didn’t really matter ? || Stoke fought but falter

Earlier this game week we saw Mersyside Derby and though I am a Liverpool fan still was not impressed with the game and I understood that we rested our top players for second leg against city.

Everton could have snicked one right in the end and could have earned bragging rights but as expected it ended 0-0 draw.

Other matches included great win by Newcastle as Rafa is keeping them in safe zone.Stoke fought hard but they were undone by Eriksen and Harry Kane’s shoulder as proclaimed by him.


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Manchester City Vs Manchester United || Everton vs Liverpool || Starting XI Dilemma ?

What was that ? Boom ! Yes. Exactly that was my reaction when Liverpool thrashed City by 3 goals and more importantly with clean sheet. Weekend just getting better as we are awaiting to witness Manchester Derby at Etihad.

A night I won’t forget as I watched the best atmosphere that Liverpool played in recent times. Some one might argue that Dortmund game was quite amazing but given the daunting opposition this made more special.

Because of this first leg result this weekend’s derby clashes are unpredictable as ManCity and Liverpool might rest their players to go through in semis of champions league.

Let’s Analyse then

1. Manchester Derby

What an occasion for Manchester City to win the game and Premier league at this stage. Their fans would never have ever thought of this even in their wildest of dreams. Other side of the coin is that City have already won premier league to say and if they falter against Liverpool then in long-term that would hurt them more.

Had they got an away goal then things would have been different at Etihad in second leg.From Manchester United’s point of view there’s one thing they want and it is to avoid City winning at Etihad and there are no second thoughts about it.

As we have seen throughout the season what Mourinho can do stop City’s lethal attack. Even when he knows pressing high up the pitch might break city down as Liverpool showed every one twice this season. But Mourinho won’t be changing his style then it would be a shock to me than beating City.

Pep faces starting XI dilemma for this Manchester derby more than any one. He always likes to go full throttle when it matters. But I won’t be surprised if he rests players Kevin De Bryune , David Silva or Sane. He might put enough quality players to get the result. This one is very tough to call but I guess it will be a narrow win for City in the end as they need impetus going forward in the second leg. 

2. Mersy side Derby-

This is  the first time Liverpool fans would not be worried about losing to Everton in the history of premier league. As every one is so focused on getting right result in second leg against City. But truth is that Everton these days are not a great team as they have very limited quality players at their disposal.

Yes on their day they can hurt any one as they thrashed City last season at Home 4-0. But Jurgen Klopp will put a team to beat them as at the end of the day it is Mersyside Derby and every fan wants their bragging rights in town.

We know Mo Salah got injury and Klopp did not provide much information on his injury before the game as he said in press conference on 6th April 2018. He wants to wait till final moment before team sheet gets to the officials. 

Even Liverpool might rest players such as Mo Salah, Van Dijk and Robertson still they can beat Everton. If they make 4-5 changes to them previous starting XI then it might be  cagey affair.

So both Pep and Klopp have dilemma but we are sure of exciting attacking football from both sides and will certainly enjoy this weekend’s EPL games.

Let’s see which derby produces exciting clash. is it Manchester Derby or Mersyside Derby ?