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Guest Blog | Is VAR Spoiling The Beautiful Game? – England Fans Have Their Say”

Dear Readers, Please check out this article on VAR.

“Is VAR Spoiling The Beautiful Game? – England Fans Have Their Say”

So far VAR’s involvement in the World Cup has led to major controversies. Ronaldo has gone from loving VAR to hating it in the space of a half of football – but what do England fans think? Betway asked 350 Brits their opinions on VAR in the World Cup.

Stand Out Survey Stats: 
•       1 in 5 British football fans doesn’t agree with the use of VAR during the World Cup for fear of it ruining the beautiful game.
•       But 97% of Brits disagree with the referee’s decision during the World Cup.
•       39% of Brits are only willing to wait 30 seconds to a minute for a VAR decision during the World Cup.
•       15% don’t think England will benefit from VAR being used during the world (85% believe England will benefit)
•       But 69% of Brits think technology like VAR is helping to improve accuracy in football.
•       However, only 24% Brits know what VAR analyses during a game, with 76% in the dark.
•       53% of Brits think retrospective red cards will improve payer discipline in the World Cup.

With this year’s success so far, England fans are feeling hopeful about their chances in Russia 2018. But looking back in history, might there have been more World Cup victories for England if VAR had been on their side in the past?

Key decisions which have gone against England in previous World Cups, including ‘The Hand of God’, perhaps the most famous moment in World Cup history, still pain England fans 30 years later. Betway has looked at moments in England World Cup history, which may have led to a VAR-y different result, had the technology been in place.

Betway has depicted the VAR alternatives to those all-important England World Cup moments here:

Is VAR Spoiling The Beautiful Game? – England Fans Have Their Say


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Guest Blog | Is the World Cup Legacy Worth it ? | Check out the stats

Dear Readers,

I came across interesting read today. This article talks about  Cost of holding a World Cup and its economic impact.

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Stand out stats:
•       Korea and Japan (2002): Cost $7.5 bn and led to a $4.36 bn profit.
•       Germany (2006): Cost $6 bn and led to an $8.11 bn profit.
•       South Africa (2010): Cost $4 bn and led to a $1.62 bn profit.
•       Brazil (2014): Cost $14 bn and led to a loss of $670 m.

When hosting the World Cup, the country often has goals in mind – to bring in tourism, build a legacy but most importantly, to make a profit.

But with past hosting countries, such as Brazil, turning their former stadium’s into parking lots – is planning the World Cup worth the strenuous game plan?

Credit brokers, Money Pod, have uncovered the costs of hosting the biggest spectacle on Earth and analyzed whether this has led to a profit or loss

Article Link – Is World Cup Legacy Worth it?

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Guest Blog | The Cost of a Premier League Goal

Dear Readers,

This is a very informative article related to EPL football clubs.

You would gain much information when you will go through it.

The piece has several aspects. They compared teams squad value and wages per point and per goal, to find out who has the most cost-effective squad.

Is Manchester United’s cost of £12.9m per goal really more effective than Bournemouth’s £1.8m? They also compared the cost per home goal, with Southampton supporters paying out a massive £31.82 per goal, the highest in the Premier League.

Kindly check out this article at (Cost of Premier League Goal)

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