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Fantasy Premier League is back || Initial FPL draft to help you build the team

We are back! So does FPL. Yes after a long summer break. World Cup is over and it was a great experience for everyone who watched it. Now we are a day far off to new Premier League season, we can’t wait for it to get started.

This time around the transfer window closed one day before season start. Lots of players coming in and going out. Now we know that nobody can come in the premier league until winter transfer window. Sure they can go out till 31st August to other leagues.

Now let’s cut to the chase. Have you created your fantasy premier league team yet? If you haven’t then don’t worry we are here to help you out. I have created a private mini league that you can join and also share your thoughts in the comments section regarding your team selection for the start of the season.

Team building factors

I am going to show you my initial draft which might change in the last hour because of any last minute news, but not much. I have taken into consideration factors such as fixtures, rest, injury, starting XI possibility, number of minutes the player could possibly have, the morale of the team and of course my own gut feeling.


If you look at the defensive options you would not feel excited and rightly so.

The main focus is to build this team for 3 to 4 game weeks. Looking at Manchester City fixtures it is quite hard to look past Aguero and Sane/De Bryune in the midfield. I was tempted to look for a city defender but the budget was a constraint.


3-5-2 is the most popular formation that I used last season but few budget players have been classified as strikers in this FPL 18-19 season such as Zaha, Arnautovic. So decided to go with 3-4-3 to start the season off.

Must-Have Players

Must have players looking at the fixtures were Mo Salah, Aguero, Zaha, Sane and Van AanHolt. If you wish to exclude Salah then you can work with other options as well but I do not want to take that risk because he is owned by almost 55% of the players so it won’t affect badly even if he doesn’t score.

Other Options

Other midfielders you can look at are Sanchez, Eriksen, Ozil, David Silva if you have the budget. Unfortunately, I do not have the budget. Eriksen has always provided great points at the start of the season to me.

You always want to look at budget options who has the potential to provide great value for your money. Like last season Pascal gross did. Yeah, I benched him once when he score whopping 18 points 🙁

Follow your instinct/gut

Always follow your gut feeling with 1 or 2 players because that will differentiate your team from the rest and you can climb in your mini-league by having such a strategy. Do not always follow what scout or I have to say, use your intuition to build your team.

Have Patience

My team strategy is to see whether this defense works or not till 3 to 4 game weeks if not then upgrade it by downgrading midfield option because you are likely to find out cheaper midfield option who is performing well.

Well, if all doesn’t work out we do have our Wildcard, but I hope we do not come across such a situation so early. Do not think more about bench players because you would want to maximize points from starting XI.

Good Luck to everyone ! I hope everyone has their team ready, if not then refer this article for guidance only because at the end of the day it’s you FPL team and it should be unique.


Join my “False9Analysis” FPL league 

Code    1706058-827091

Let me know your teams as well in the comments section!


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FPL final game week 38 selection || FPL Tips || Get ahead in your Mini League

Will Sterling Play today ? This is the biggest question all the fantasy managers of the premier league will be having today.

Yeah, it’s a tough one to judge as Manchester City will be rotating their squad. They would love to provide an opportunity to their young talent.

Sterling missed out last match as he was not even on the bench. Here we have made a draft of players for the final game week of the premier league season.

We have looked at multiple factors while considering those players.

Relegation Battle – 

It is very difficult to over come difference of 10 goals for Swansea. Yes Southampton could get battered by Manchester City tonight.

Swansea will be in attacking mode only, as they will be relegated even if they win with small margin. It would be a shock of the season if Swansea beat Stoke by 5 goals and Southampton lose by 5 goals against City.

So it would be wise if we consider one the Swansea attacker for this game week. Ayew brothers provide great option with Tammy Abraham. At least they will be in starting XI for sure.

On the other hand, Southampton will be parking everything they have got against City. They have no choice but to defend well as City is chasing those mammoth 100 points.

If you have Southampton attackers then you should get rid of them. Yes they can score if they concede early 3-4 goals. Personally I am getting rid of Austin.

Recently Stoke got relegated and Charlie Adam hit out in public against his team mates. I wonder that might affect team on final game week. They might end up losing by 3 to 4 goals.

( BBB Radio Article – Charlie Adam says ” Players are responsible for this debacle “)

Whatever happens but choose your fantasy team according to those conditions. It is very important to pick out such players to get ahead in your mini league.

Who will finish in TOP 4 ?

Liverpool made it interesting by losing against Chelsea. Chelsea also made it interesting against Huddersfield. I wonder what will happen on a final game day.

Reds need to secure at least a draw against Brighton at Anfield. Chelsea need a win and hope Liverpool lose against Brighton.

That’s a good news for fantasy managers. They can pick Liverpool players as they will be playing with usual suspects.

Salah, Mane and Firmino will look to repeat their performance against Brighton as they hammered them in the reverse fixture. Firmino scored a brace that night against Brighton.

Liverpool’s home form has been great this season as they are unbeaten at Anfield.

Chelsea need to go all out for win too. Giroud could be the differential pick in your fantasy team as he is having low ownership around 3.5%

Newcastle will be up against lot of attacking threats from Chelsea. Dubravka could really provide save points. This guy saved a penalty in the previous game also.

Salah vs Kane

As focus will be on securing champions league spot for Liverpool. Salah is leading goal scoring chart with 31 goals and he needs only a goal to break the all time record. ( Record 38 game season – 31 goals )

Tottenham already secured champions league place and Kane is 3 goals behind Mo Salah. He is facing leicester City at home in the last game of the season.

Remember last season Kane scored 4 goals against same opposition at King Power stadium. It was second last match of the season.

Kane’s goal scoring numbers in last three season depicts some pattern

  • 2016-17   29 goals
  • 2015-16   25 goals
  • 2014-15   21 goals

If you forecast then he should score 33 goals and he loves scoring against Leicester too.

Well it is almost impossible to predict this but anyone can then it’s Harry Kane.

I just hope Salah gets a brace to keep Kane away from Golden boot.

Final Game week XI Selection

This is the team I have selected for final game week of the season. This is not my team. I have some players from it. We hope you can opt out for 5-6 players from this team at least.

I am currently at 2204 points in FPL. ( Check out my FPL team – My FPL Team )

Captain Choice-

If it’s going down to the wire in your mini league then it’s very important decision of this fantasy season for you.

You should not make ridiculous captain choices if you are topping the chart. I have benefited from that through out this season. Keep the faith in Salah and Kane.

If you are lagging behind then go for Aubameyang , Hazard or Jesus. Always have 1-2 differential picks in your team.

Differential Picks –

Arnautovic, Van Aanholt, Gudmundsson, Romero and Ayew brothers etc.

Hope you find this article useful. I wish every one best of luck for the final game week of the season. May you come out on top in your mini fantasy league.

As the biggest question remains will sterling play today ? I am definitely not picking him up.

Let me know, if you think I should consider other players for the final game week. if yes then comment below.

I would love to know those players.

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FPL – Free Hit ? || Players to watch out for this GW

Game week 34 is yet to be over, but we need to prepare for next game week. Yeah, we are talking about Fantasy premier league. This is the business end of the competition where one can really catapult themselves into top position in their private league. Are you using Free Hit Chip ?

Many have played free hit chip in the game week 31 where Salah demolished Watford by scoring 29 FPL points as we saw only 4 matches played during that week and those who played that chip scored average 94 points. Quite astonishing isn’t it ? 

Well now it’s time for those people who are yet to play that free hit chip. Game week 35 is the perfect opportunity to play it because it features only 6 matches.

So we have worked out a draft of players to watch out for. Do not mind putting some cheap players on the bench as you can not play 2 chips at the same time.

Here we have listed few players from the teams who are playing Game week 35

Free Hit Chip Draft

free hit

Now let’s focus on some important points here.

Go for Man City Players –

As Man City already clinched the premier league title and they would want to celebrate that by playing attacking football and it is very difficult to ignore those players as they do not have champions league or FA cup to play for.

Surely it will be a goal galore at Ethihad and  atleast 2 Out of these 3 players (Jesus,Sterling and Sane ) should be in your teams.

Wary of Liverpool Players –

We know that Liverpool have a champions league game coming up against Roma on 24th April and Klopp might rotate his players ahead of that important clash at Anfield.

Even if Salah,Mane play that game it would be for limited time but they can certainly cause damage to get enough points in FPL. It would be a risk if we avoid those players.

Players to watch out for

Aubameyang not involved in Europa league, so he is must be in that team given the scarcity of premium options upfront.

Arnautovic, Zaha and Perez are in form players. Relegation threat might encourage  those players to perform at their best or worst. Certainly Perez is not worried about relegation.


I always believe that even if you do study players,their form and fixtures but always have 1-2 players in your team based on your gut feeling and judgement of the game, it always helps.

During last game week transfers, I had a gut feeling regarding Pogba that he won’t be able to cause much damage to West brom, because they have tall defenders unlike Man City. (See previous blog link- FPL Double Game Week blog 10). Though Pogba can rack up points against Bournemouth, but I had already taken 8 points hit so couldn’t do many transfers.

All worked out for me as I kept faith in Zaha and he delivered me 14 points in a single game week.

My points summary before 2 matches to go for this game week

my team score


Best of luck for everyone with free hit chip in the next game week. Please let me know if you have got better score than me and suggest me your tricks and tips to succeed in FPL.

We will come up with a new blog this weekend again till then follow false9analysis and share this blog 🙂



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EPL FPL Double Gameweek || Must have players

Premier League action comes back again after that crazy weekend in the champions league. More importantly we have lots of games to catch up. Yes, we are going to talk about fantasy premier league.

Fantasy Premier League Double Game Week

So all fantasy managers out there must be waiting for this weekend to come as this Double Game week means certain teams will be playing twice this game week. 

Fantasy Premier League players around the world want to make up ground in their private league and it couldn’t get any better. I personally think that this is make or break. I am at the top of my private league and do not want to squander my lead at this stage.

So I prepared a list of players that we must have going in this game week and here they are

Riyad Mahrez and Vardy –

As both have great fixtures against Burnley and Southampton. Their combination is lethal and can cause damage to both teams. Southampton has been struggling defensively this season.


Man United has two great fixtures where any attacking player might be a good choice. West Brom are abysmal this season, but Man United have semi final of FA cup coming up and they might rest Pogba.

West Brom has tall players who can defend in the air well so I thought it would be great to go with Sanchez and Lingard who are short and can hurt West brom defense with their agility.

Salah and Arnautovic – 

Tough we know that these players are not having Double Game Week but they are more than enough to  out score any DGW player. Looking at the fixtures that they have got, it does make sense to have them in your squad.

Other Players to look out for –

We have very less time till game week starts so I am going to put list of other players which might help you in making that decision effectively.

Attackers – Austin, Kane, Lukaku

Midfielders – Eriksen, Albrighton, Cork

Defenders – Chilwell, Alonso,Long

Goal Keepers – De Gea, Courtois, Schmicheal

Here’s my team looks like and I have my bench boost activated for this game week.

fpl team


Point Summary


Till then enjoy and let me know if you have an interesting topic to share with.

We will come up with a review of this game week and many more topics. Stay tuned !

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Fantasy Premier League Tips || Wildcard Time ?

We are back again with Fantasy Premier League Tips for this weekend and guess what it’s Wildcard time for many of us. Let’s get started then.

International Break –

It’s been a long weekend for all football fans around the world. Tough I enjoyed couple of games such as matches involving Spain and Germany. But everyone missed EPL games as we are almost prepared for final run in.

This is the period where everything boils down to. I know many people play Fantasy Premier League around the globe and must have saved their FPL wildcard as they were eagerly waiting for players to come back in training at the club level.

Plan Wisely

This is Game week 32 and only 6 Game weeks to go with 2 double Game weeks on the horizon so we should build our squad from now on as in double game weeks we will be using chips such Bench Boost and Triple Captain. We all know that we can not use two chips in single game week. So Ideally we have only 2 game weeks to play around. If we are planning to use wildcard in game week 33 then there is chance that players value may go up and it will be difficult to slot them in our squad then.

Then let’s make draft of players who are most likely to get the maximum out of this period.


I worked out this sheet for players who will have the chance to play two games during game week 34. Color indicates the difficulty level they are against. Seems like Chelsea,Leicester and Man United have decent fixtures in Game week 34.

So it would be great if we can pick up players from those teams. Having said that we can not ignore other teams given the teams are competing during business end of the competition and fighting for survival could mean we can see minnows causing upsets.

Besides that teams which do not have double game week has one hot property in the name of Mo Salah. Certainly we can’t ignore him. if anybody does that then there’s a reminder he just scored 29 points in last week.

My expected Team (Check out my team- Link – My FPL Team)

By looking at all of the factors,assumptions and gut feeling I am also planning to use wild card this week and here’s my team look like and it may change before deadline if some major news comes up.


I know you would be surprised that this is not a great team at first glance but it’s within the budget. The reason I did not bring in Man United players as they have Man City game coming in next few weeks. As we progress further we can see players like Kane,Lukaku and Hazard coming in. Still lots to ponder over as Game week closing in.

Let me know what you guys think? I hope to see some different names with different reasoning. It might help me in getting good score. Currently I am on 1820 points will all chips to play.

For More Fantasy Premier League Tips watch out this space – FPL Blog Link – My FPL Blogs )