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PFA PL team of the year 2018 || Some Players missing ?

We have PFA premier league team of the year. It’s a great team but the question is “are there players missing from it ? “. Well we certainly think so.

First of all let’s look at the PFA PL team of the year

pfa team

Many of us thought that we have a case for certain players. Before going to discuss that let’s just keep in mind that this team is based on the player’s vote and players can not vote for their team mates.

Every player can not watch all the games and so it is very difficult to judge them which player played better throughout the season based on that. Pundits and analysts can provide better options to come up with a better team.

Let’s analyse position wise then.

De Gea –

No doubt about that. He has been brilliant this season with his reaction saves because they are not just close to his body but on multiple occasions he had to stretch as well.

Highlight saves for me one against Liverpool at Anfield with his leg and one against Aguero in Derby at Ethihad. Many people say that Ederson might have a case here but he has made lots of mistakes too as they are prone to, given the way Man City plays.

Vertonghen –

Again the best CB this season, We have seen him holding the ball really well even when he is under pressure from attackers. We do not need to explain much further as he deserves this spot.

Otamendi –

He is good from set pieces and stuff like that, but when it comes to his defensive abilities then it raises questions. Man city were less worried about defense as they were having most of the possession in the attacking area. When he had to defend he did not look that convincing. He made too many mistakes, panic passes that led to opposition scoring goals.

Tarkowski could have been better option as he has been solid for Burnley this season. He also debuted for England international team because of his performances. He is better at making clearances and blocks.


Well his name is Walker but we are sure that he does not walk on the pitch. He is so swift, agile and can run in behind defense in no time. He had a great first season with Man city and played a crucial role down the right hand side. No issue with his selection.


This man is my favorite pick in the fantasy premier league team but I have doubts over his inclusion in the PFA PL TOTY. Yes he scored most goals as a defender but if you see him play then you will realize how further he plays up the pitch. Of course he is the great free kick taker so he gets his goals.

But Robertson and Young have been great for their teams as well. If Robertson had played since start of the season then he could have been there.

De Bruyne and David Silva-

No-Brainer ! Really two masters of the game and pivotal to Man city’s premier league success this season.

Salah and Kane –

Again No-brainer ! Both have scored 55 goals between them. Salah has been so much influential because he scored in 20 odd different matches as Kane scores Braces and Hat Tricks. Having said all of that they both deserves the place in that team.

Eriksen and Kun Aguero –

We know they both have been great players and we do not have doubts on that, but we have the case for Sane, Sterling, Firmino, and Fernandinho.

First of many stats will fail to understand the impact of Firmino on Salah’s incredible record this season. He works unselfishly for his team mates by defending, creating spaces, holding the ball.

Fernandinho is so much under rated because of De Bruyne and Silva. He has been solid at that defensive midfield position. He has linked up play from back to front pretty well and  he should have been there in place of Eriksen but it is what it is.

Sane had a great season under Pep as no one would have thought that he will become a world-class player and his penetrating runs on the left side gave defense a major headache this season. He is behind only Kevin De Bruyne in terms of assists with 12.

Sterling was instrumental in terms of scoring goals for Man City this season. He missed many big chances that made us think that he has composure issue in big games, but time is on his side and he will improve if he finds himself in those situations time and again.

Well anyway we could have included Sane, Sterling, Robertson, Tarkowski and Fernandinho in that team. As players who voted did not care about formation and balance of the side much 😀

It’s safe to say Manchester City dominated this team and rightly so.

Check out our Premier League Team of the Year –

my pfa

If you have some better facts and theories to include certain players for PFA PL TOTY then please let us know in the comment section. Tell us which is your Starting XI of the PL this season.

Till then keep enjoying this beautiful game. Please follow and share false9analysis blogs with football lovers 🙂

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Manchester City Wins Title || Weekend Premier League Review

First of all congratulations to Manchester City on winning the Premier League title. Deservedly so they were by far the best team in England throughout the whole season.

What Pep did this season in the league is really amazing. We will look at major points as follows

Case in point is Leroy Sane who really had a great season not just in terms of scoring goals and providing assists but he developed as a player so much that nobody expected that much out of him at the start of the season. His attributes are pace and dribbling inside the box with 3-4 defenders around him. This creates space for other players to exploit the situation.

Rahim sterling had a great season in terms of scoring goals. He was in right positions at the right time. This trait he learnt from Pep during this season as Pep demands three things from his players are Position,Possession and Play.

Only thing he has to take care of is missing big chances in important situations. As we saw him squandering chances against United and Spurs.

KDB and Silva as always were the best two City Players this season in terms creating chances and providing key passes with grace and style. The  diagonal grounded through ball pass which Kevin De Bruyne provided to Sane to score a goal against Stoke this season was one of the best pass I have ever seen.

Other top players such Kun Aguero, underrated Fernandinho had their moments in crucial situations as well.

Building Play from the back-

Pep believed in his philosophy even when back three found themselves in tight situations and they continued to build the attack from back.

Passing between the lines and breaking defense with shear pace and quality of attacking flair that they have got. Yes it was difficult given he was not able to do that effectively in his first season at City.

Over the period of time they acquired that skill, but in some matches it did not work as Liverpool pressed them higher up the pitch in league game at Anfield with great intensity and they made horrible defensive mistakes to concede goals. United also managed to break them down at Etihad because they lost aerial duels.

Next Season’s challenge-

Yes they were unstoppable this season but every team saw how they can approach against city. May be from the next season opponents will start pressing them with high intensity and will try to exploit them tactically with a better plan.

Same goes for city also, they will strengthen their squad too and it will make hell lot of exciting to see who wins premier league if top players and managers come in the summer.

EPL Weekend Review-

Weekend started with a thriller at St Mary’s stadium when Chelsea came back against Southampton to seal 2-3 victory against Saints.

Burnley impressed again and continued their fine form. They won their last five games and four of them were 2-1 victories that shows their grit and determination to win games. Sean Dyche is impressed us all given their team’s budget and talent. They are on course set to play in European competition after more than 50 years.

Crystal Palace were impressive with Zaha scoring two goals first time in the premier league and help them to win the game 3-2. I was persoanlly happy as he was in my fantasy team as a differential pick.  (You can check out my fantasy team here – My FPL Team  )

Huddersfield managed to pull off that magic moment to win the game against Watford 1-0. Swansea and Everton produced a stalemate which ended in 1-1.

Liverpool and City won their games quite comfortably against Bournemouth and Spurs respectively. Mane, Salah and Firmino were all on the score sheet, they have scored 81 goals in all competitions for Liverpool till now.

City should have finished the game earlier as Sterling missed big chances and Spurs were not that great on the weekend. We expected to press them higher up the pitch and City players had too much time on the ball.

Newcastle produced a fine performance against Arsenal and that pretty much sums up Arsenal’s season. They are banking on Europa league looks like, as they rested their key players for this match. Arsenal won just 3 games away from home and it is not good enough for a club like Arsenal.

Weekend ended with a shocker from West Brom against Manchester United and they managed to hold on to their 1 goal lead provided from Rodriguez. 

Mourinho was right in his post match interview as he said that everyone thought it is so easy against West Brom and they were taking too many touches and showing tricks when it was not necessary. They had to be more direct and should have passed first time to finish off West Brom.

Main thing everyone should remember that City won the title because they had an amazing season not because Manchester United lost to West Brom. It was delayed till this game only though. Though I support Liverpool but I have a huge respect for Mourinho too.

Off Topic-

Some times you have to think about the match situations and season logically then come up with your opinion. I think people sometimes go overboard against players,managers and teams to troll over the internet. They do not take all the factors into consideration while coming up with delusional responses.

Anyways I am not against trolling. It’s fun to watch sometimes if the mood is light and if it’s in good taste. If trolling someone by disrespecting and bringing out illogical points makes me sad.

We will talk about it more later in future, but right now stay tuned in for more upcoming blogs and discussions as we know there are still EPL games we have over this week.

Let me know your feedback and suggestions if I need to include anything else. Subscribe via email at and follow us on twitter @False9Analysis to check out blog notifications.

Till then enjoy this beautiful game and share my blogs 🙂

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Manchester United spoils City Party || Stalemate at Mersyside || EPL Saturday Review

Well Well Well ! Just when you thought EPL was sealed tonight Pogba had different plans. That was some game at Etihad. Anti Climatic it was ! Manchester United Spoils City’s Party.

I would have written about it tomorrow but it is better time to express just when the game ended.

Liverpool and Manchester United scored 3 each against City within a week and it will hurt Man City fans a lot. As they have been dominant force throughout this campaign.

Raises a question why EPL teams did not do it against City ?

But it raises a question. why no one really pressed city since season began ? May be if someone had attacked them the way Liverpool and Man United did this week, then other teams would have played against them that way. Every team was so bothered about their possession and attacking flair. No team ever got going against City.

Having said all that it does not take credit away from City’s stellar season, but it poses a question that every team who were beaten by City was mentally on the back foot given the reputation that they earned over the course of this season.

I hope this two results that City got against top sides shows that in next season City will be challenged by teams such as Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea (if they change their manager). Guardiola has to change his system and tactics accordingly to deal with it because Man City are not Gaurdiola’s Barca as this City team gives away ball high up the pitch if  they get pressed heavily.

Still there is no denying that they are a week away from the title.

Mersyside Derby that didn’t really matter ? || Stoke fought but falter

Earlier this game week we saw Mersyside Derby and though I am a Liverpool fan still was not impressed with the game and I understood that we rested our top players for second leg against city.

Everton could have snicked one right in the end and could have earned bragging rights but as expected it ended 0-0 draw.

Other matches included great win by Newcastle as Rafa is keeping them in safe zone.Stoke fought hard but they were undone by Eriksen and Harry Kane’s shoulder as proclaimed by him.


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Fantasy Premier League Tips || Wildcard Time ?

We are back again with Fantasy Premier League Tips for this weekend and guess what it’s Wildcard time for many of us. Let’s get started then.

International Break –

It’s been a long weekend for all football fans around the world. Tough I enjoyed couple of games such as matches involving Spain and Germany. But everyone missed EPL games as we are almost prepared for final run in.

This is the period where everything boils down to. I know many people play Fantasy Premier League around the globe and must have saved their FPL wildcard as they were eagerly waiting for players to come back in training at the club level.

Plan Wisely

This is Game week 32 and only 6 Game weeks to go with 2 double Game weeks on the horizon so we should build our squad from now on as in double game weeks we will be using chips such Bench Boost and Triple Captain. We all know that we can not use two chips in single game week. So Ideally we have only 2 game weeks to play around. If we are planning to use wildcard in game week 33 then there is chance that players value may go up and it will be difficult to slot them in our squad then.

Then let’s make draft of players who are most likely to get the maximum out of this period.


I worked out this sheet for players who will have the chance to play two games during game week 34. Color indicates the difficulty level they are against. Seems like Chelsea,Leicester and Man United have decent fixtures in Game week 34.

So it would be great if we can pick up players from those teams. Having said that we can not ignore other teams given the teams are competing during business end of the competition and fighting for survival could mean we can see minnows causing upsets.

Besides that teams which do not have double game week has one hot property in the name of Mo Salah. Certainly we can’t ignore him. if anybody does that then there’s a reminder he just scored 29 points in last week.

My expected Team (Check out my team- Link – My FPL Team)

By looking at all of the factors,assumptions and gut feeling I am also planning to use wild card this week and here’s my team look like and it may change before deadline if some major news comes up.


I know you would be surprised that this is not a great team at first glance but it’s within the budget. The reason I did not bring in Man United players as they have Man City game coming in next few weeks. As we progress further we can see players like Kane,Lukaku and Hazard coming in. Still lots to ponder over as Game week closing in.

Let me know what you guys think? I hope to see some different names with different reasoning. It might help me in getting good score. Currently I am on 1820 points will all chips to play.

For More Fantasy Premier League Tips watch out this space – FPL Blog Link – My FPL Blogs )



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EPL TOP4 Predictions 2017-18

This is false9analysis. Welcome to our blog ! Our Topic is EPL TOP4 Race.

As we can clearly see that Man City has already on the verge of Winning the Epl this year

So we can shift our focus on rest 3 places which are 2,3 and 4th. I like to analyse so we’ll take a look at their Epl & cup fixtures and other factors such as fatigue,form and motivation.

Manchester United – 

Games to Play – 10 in PL , FA cup quarterfinals , Champions League quarterfinals

If we can safely say that they will progress through FA cup quarterfinal and might go to FA cup final so 3 games we can add to their PL tally.

In champions second leg at Old Trafford they are likely to go past Sevilla with their Pragmatic approach or boring some might want to say it. With the experience of Jose Mourinho they might as well go further if they put in those performances. So we can say that they will be playing around 16-17 games till the end of season minimum.

Tougher PL opponents yet face are City,Liverpool and Arsenal (you may say that Arsenal is no more tougher :P)

Other than that they can easily see off other matches and pick up points as they have been doing (7*3 = 21 points) and against big guns around 5 points ( could be more/less ) that’s sums up to 26 being pragmatic as Manchester United lets say 24 points. It would make total of 59+24= 83

If they go further in competitions like FA cup and champions league then fatigue, injury,form and during last few matches relegation battle makes it more difficult to get the result out so that could play major factor.

Liverpool – 

Games to Play – 10 in PL , Champions League quarterfinals

As Liverpool has already thrashed Porto by 5 goals so Klopp can rotate the players if he wants to.  Looking at their current form and attacking threat they are more likely to beat big attacking teams like Real Madrid,Bayern and PSG than defensive minded teams. We can say that they will be playing around 13/15 matches minimum and maximum of 17 (PS – champions league tie consist of two leg so we have to add it by 2 :P)

Out of 10 PL games lets say ( 2 against Man United and Chelsea) are tougher on paper but with Liverpool they might win both and lose some against smaller teams. So (7W, 2D, 1L) assuming this they would collect around 23 points which makes it to 57+23 = 80

Still with the champions league progress and EPL top4 competition will make it more interesting to see how things will pan out.

Tottenham –

Games to Play – 10 in PL , FA Cup, Champions League Quarterfinals

Over the last 4 PL games Spurs have collected same points as City and Liverpool.They are in great form as their champions league comeback in Turin is a proof of that. As long as they have Harry Kane they have got all the chance to go further in champions league. Keeping all competitions in mind they will also play around 16-17 games.

With Pochetino wanting to add silverware to their cabinet it would be no surprise if they can go all out for FA cup as City are out.Having said that they will be facing 2 big guns in their remaining premier league fixtures and rest are easy but they have manage those games as they are playing FA cup and Champions League. If we say (7W,1D,2L) 22 points they can gather which makes it to 55+22= 77

Only thing that could change this dramatically is that if they do not go past Juve at home then it would make EPL  top4 even more exciting as they will be able to compete with best 11 most of the times.

Chelsea – 

Games to Play – 10 PL , FA cup quarterfinals, Champions League Quarterfinals

Tough they managed to draw against Barca at home we can not be pretty sure whether they will go through or not as their form has been erratic. We do not know which Chelsea side will turn up that day in Camp Nou.

Out of PL matches remaining they seem to have tougher matches than other teams competing for EPL top4. It would be very difficult to get positive result in all of those games but if they are out of champions league ( which is most likely scenario ) it would help them to focus on top 4.

Lets face it Manchester United, Liverpool and Spurs are in good form compared to Chelsea. Recently Chelsea are having problems with striker and formation combination.Only positive is Willian’s form. They can snatch up to (7 W,1D,2L) 22 points 53+22 = 75


To Sum this up let’s take look at final estimated points

Man United – 83 Points

Liverpool – 80 Points

Spurs – 77 Points

Chelsea – 75 Points

But as season will progress we might see change in the final table. I guess relegation battle, Champions league tie and it’s distance, crazy weather in England and as always unpredictability of premier league can throw out any result.

My Gut feelings says

Liverpool and United will finish with same points 81,Tottenham 80 and Chelsea 5th.

It’s safe to say Arsenal will finish 6th as they have conceded 6 goals in 4 days against same side and they have been hopeless this season.

What do you think ? Who will make it to the EPL TOP4 ?

(Update – Check out my latest blog regarding EPL TOP4 – Chelsea Putting Pressure on again )

Kindly let me know the feedback of the analysis on

If you think analysis was not good then please let me know where I can improve, which other feature I should include, what else could make it more interesting to read. You are always welcome because I am passionate about football and will improve based on your suggestion.

Thank You.