Is EPL top 4 still on ? || Interesting Relegation battle

We thought EPL top 4 race was almost over, but how unpredictable football can be. Liverpool should have won the game against Stoke but their champions league focus made things interesting for top 4 race. Relegation battle is heating up at the bottom of the table.

Man United Secured Champions League Spot

Though I support Liverpool but it’s safe to say that Man United has secured that second spot with 2-1 win against Arsenal. They showed great gesture by honoring Arsene Wenger before the game.

Arsenal played with so many young players and they impressed us all by playing in that big game. United should have been more clinical in the final third. Lukaku was not playing at his best.

He needs to prove that he is a big game player as he plays well against weaker opponents. He has the potential, but he needs to improve his skills and decision-making in big games.

Crystal Palace on Fire ?

Well, what happened to Crystal Palace ? They are on fire at the moment and Zaha is running riot on left hand side. Roy Hodgson is doing a fantastic job at Palace given that Palace had poorest start of the season ever.

West Brom are in good form right now but in the end it will be too late too little for them. It would be a miracle if they survive.Swansea vs Stoke will be some final match day game if it goes down to the wire.

Huddersfield in Danger ? || Southampton can survive || Stoke vs Swansea heating up

On the other hand Huddersfield having worst fixtures coming up against City,Chelsea and Arsenal and if they fail to pick up points there, they will be at 35 points. Where Southampton with comparatively easy fixtures than them could pick up 3 points to avoid relegation as they are having better goal difference by 10.

In the end Swansea hanging on slender lead, but they are playing against 18th and 19th positioned teams in last 2 of their 3 matches. So they have to blame themselves if they fail to secure premier league campaign next season.

What a crazy weekend we are going to witness. I can not wait to see who finishes in top 3,4 and who avoids relegation.

Tell us who do you think will finish 3rd,4th and who will be relegated and why ?


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