PFA PL team of the year 2018 || Some Players missing ?

We have PFA premier league team of the year. It’s a great team but the question is “are there players missing from it ? “. Well we certainly think so.

First of all let’s look at the PFA PL team of the year

pfa team

Many of us thought that we have a case for certain players. Before going to discuss that let’s just keep in mind that this team is based on the player’s vote and players can not vote for their team mates.

Every player can not watch all the games and so it is very difficult to judge them which player played better throughout the season based on that. Pundits and analysts can provide better options to come up with a better team.

Let’s analyse position wise then.

De Gea –

No doubt about that. He has been brilliant this season with his reaction saves because they are not just close to his body but on multiple occasions he had to stretch as well.

Highlight saves for me one against Liverpool at Anfield with his leg and one against Aguero in Derby at Ethihad. Many people say that Ederson might have a case here but he has made lots of mistakes too as they are prone to, given the way Man City plays.

Vertonghen –

Again the best CB this season, We have seen him holding the ball really well even when he is under pressure from attackers. We do not need to explain much further as he deserves this spot.

Otamendi –

He is good from set pieces and stuff like that, but when it comes to his defensive abilities then it raises questions. Man city were less worried about defense as they were having most of the possession in the attacking area. When he had to defend he did not look that convincing. He made too many mistakes, panic passes that led to opposition scoring goals.

Tarkowski could have been better option as he has been solid for Burnley this season. He also debuted for England international team because of his performances. He is better at making clearances and blocks.


Well his name is Walker but we are sure that he does not walk on the pitch. He is so swift, agile and can run in behind defense in no time. He had a great first season with Man city and played a crucial role down the right hand side. No issue with his selection.


This man is my favorite pick in the fantasy premier league team but I have doubts over his inclusion in the PFA PL TOTY. Yes he scored most goals as a defender but if you see him play then you will realize how further he plays up the pitch. Of course he is the great free kick taker so he gets his goals.

But Robertson and Young have been great for their teams as well. If Robertson had played since start of the season then he could have been there.

De Bruyne and David Silva-

No-Brainer ! Really two masters of the game and pivotal to Man city’s premier league success this season.

Salah and Kane –

Again No-brainer ! Both have scored 55 goals between them. Salah has been so much influential because he scored in 20 odd different matches as Kane scores Braces and Hat Tricks. Having said all of that they both deserves the place in that team.

Eriksen and Kun Aguero –

We know they both have been great players and we do not have doubts on that, but we have the case for Sane, Sterling, Firmino, and Fernandinho.

First of many stats will fail to understand the impact of Firmino on Salah’s incredible record this season. He works unselfishly for his team mates by defending, creating spaces, holding the ball.

Fernandinho is so much under rated because of De Bruyne and Silva. He has been solid at that defensive midfield position. He has linked up play from back to front pretty well and  he should have been there in place of Eriksen but it is what it is.

Sane had a great season under Pep as no one would have thought that he will become a world-class player and his penetrating runs on the left side gave defense a major headache this season. He is behind only Kevin De Bruyne in terms of assists with 12.

Sterling was instrumental in terms of scoring goals for Man City this season. He missed many big chances that made us think that he has composure issue in big games, but time is on his side and he will improve if he finds himself in those situations time and again.

Well anyway we could have included Sane, Sterling, Robertson, Tarkowski and Fernandinho in that team. As players who voted did not care about formation and balance of the side much 😀

It’s safe to say Manchester City dominated this team and rightly so.

Check out our Premier League Team of the Year –

my pfa

If you have some better facts and theories to include certain players for PFA PL TOTY then please let us know in the comment section. Tell us which is your Starting XI of the PL this season.

Till then keep enjoying this beautiful game. Please follow and share false9analysis blogs with football lovers 🙂

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