Does Messi need to win the World Cup ?

Does Messi really need to win that coveted World Cup trophy? If the answer to this question was so simple in terms of Yes or No then I wouldn’t have been writing about this in the first place. 
Let’s not think emotionally over here. We will try to bring in all different perspectives. If you are reading this then please think and participate if you have any different thought process to this question.

The Way Messi Plays the Game

We all know that Leo Messi has performed at the highest level over the past decade. He has been scoring almost 50 goals per season, but to counter argue people will say CR7 is also doing the same.
But for Messi is not about goal scoring records and collecting awards. Messi is much more than just goals. As we have seen a lot of times that, the way he sees the game as if some one’s playing on PlayStation.

Vision is second to None

The vision he has is second to none. Vision is all about the awareness of the game while you are off the ball and reading the game. The moment he receives the ball he makes the right move.
Even when he dribbles and scamper past players makes spectators go Wow. He infuses confidence in players around him to step up their game.

World Cup Glory

Now coming back to the WC. I know WC is a great tournament and biggest stage where pressure and expectations are high. Everyone should keep in mind that football is a team game played by 11 players to achieve the result. Pele won 3 WC with great Brazilian team as he had players around him to help him achieve that and by stating that I am not undermining Pele’s effort and his achievements.
We have seen average players winning WC and champions league because they were part of great teams. We should be looking at the longevity of one player to asses the greatness.

World Cup 2014 Miss

So when people say that Leo Messi has not won the WC, so he is not the greatest, then we have a counter question to them if Higuain had scored in Final against Germany in 2014 then Messi would have been greatest ever.
It’s good that people are expecting him to achieve that because he is worthy of that discussion. He wins the WC or not he is the greatest ever as I have seen when I am alive.
Because you can not compare other players with Messi by throwing some statistics and great records.
He gives you joy simply watching him play even if doesn’t score. He contributes heavily to the team’s cause day in day out and if someone does that for you over a decade, then one must not be afraid to say that he is the greatest ever.

No need to Hate other if you Love Messi / Ronaldo

All of this also indicates that the greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo as he is competing with Messi at least on records. Maybe that pushes them to go up even further.
Keeping all this in mind people who think Messi is the greatest ever also should not disrespect CR7 as he is also a consistent performer at top-level for Barcelona over a decade.Love both of them.
I am not Xavi or Barcelona fan who always say that he is the greatest just because he is part of their team. Think logically and be rational as a true football fan and then you may not even need my influence to answer this question.
Till then enjoy the beautiful game.
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