Can Liverpool beat Real Madrid ? || Liverpool Vs Real Madrid || Champions League Final 2018

We are almost there. Yes, I am talking about Champions League Final 2018 which will be in the capital of Ukraine (Kyiv). Many of us must be wondering ‘Can Liverpool beat Real Madrid ?’ to deny them their third consecutive champions league title.

The answer is easy “They Can“, but Real Question is “Will They”?

Let’s not look at ifs and buts. We should check out their expected line up and will try to analyze what both teams can do to win the champions league.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Expected Line up


Line Up

This is the expected line up on Saturday.

For Real Bale might start given his recent form in La Liga, but Benzema also scored in the semi-final against Bayern. So it’s difficult to predict.

Overall we expect all the players that we have mentioned to be in there.

Tactical Analysis


Marcelo vs Mo Salah-

As always Marcelo is going to exploit the attacking space when Real Madrid has the ball. It will be a tough test for Trent Alexander Arnold to defend against him. Marcelo probably the best left back in the world right now.

He is skillful and wonderful at crossing the ball. He has shown glimpses of his skills in the semi-final against Bayern when he executed that roll over with Rabona ground pass. He scores goals also with his fantastic left foot.

But the key battle is when they lose possession higher up the field and Mo Salah has free space to run into. He will be up against best CB in the world in the name of Ramos.

First Marcelo needs to deal with Mo Salah to nullify his threat going forward. It will be interesting to see how this battle pans out.

When Liverpool has the ball Marcelo will be in the right position. At that time he has to deal with Mo Salah’s pace to stop him.

But I wonder Mo Salah will be taking CF position more often than not as Firmino plays false 9 dropping deep.

We Know both teams are not going to park the bus so they will be having plenty of free space to exploit.

Firmino Vs Ramos –

Ramos would be having dilemma when Marcelo goes higher up the field. He has to deal with Firmino and Salah. Of course, he would be getting help from Casemiro and Varane.

When Firmino drops deep then he might drag Ramos out of his position and provide Salah dangerous space to run into to score goals.

The same thing can be applied to Sadio Mane as Madrid might be focusing on Salah. Mane can take advantage of this. In the end, it is champions league final so Madrid won’t be underestimating any Liverpool player at all.

Role of Casemiro is very important to Madrid’s defense and Firmino’s playing style. He has to perform as he had performed in last year’s final. He needs to take care of his ball control because sometimes he looks vulnerable on that front.

Ronaldo vs Lovren/Van Dijk-

Biggest player of this occasion to grace the game. He has been phenomenal in this competition over the years breaking all sorts of records.

He plays more of a central role, waits for crosses to come in from Marcelo and Carvajal for headers.

Depending on the position, it will be testing times for Van Dijk and Lovren. Ronaldo will be looking to exploit Lovren’s defensive weakness.

Having said that Liverpool can not overlook Isco’s magical passes between the lines as they can open up any defense in split seconds.

Midfield Battle-

Though I am a Liverpool fan, I have to admit that Real Madrid’s midfield is the scariest in the world.

I mean look at Modric, Kroos, Isco and defensive holding midfielder as Casemiro.

They are hard to tackle and press as they work so well with each other with accurate passing between them.

Isco creates attacking threat all the time when he interlinks play. Modric with his range of passing has been magical at times. Most efficient and underrated is Toni Kroos as he controls the game so well.

I wonder if Liverpool would be able to press them aggressively or not. These players are least prone to make mistakes such as loosing ball in the dangerous area other than Casermiro.

On the other side, Liverpool has Milner, Henderson and Gini Winaldum. All three are great at pressing the opposition. Gini Winaldum is physically strong and can take out ball from an opponent. These players are the engine of the Liverpool team.

This is the area where the game will be won or lost by both teams. These midfield three are essential to set the platform for Liverpool’s deadly front three. They will be up against best midfield in the world. It will be fascinating to witness how this battle unfolds.

Counter Attacking +Pressing + Heavy Metal  Vs  Efficiency + Deadly striking + Experience

Yes, you read it right. It’s gonna be a blockbuster of the Champions League final. When you have two exciting teams playing the game of football.

Liverpool with Pace, Counterattack, Pressing and Heavy metal attitude will be a challenging giant in the competition with experience, efficiency, and deadly striking.

When you combine all that, you are certain you will be seeing lots of goals.

We hope that both teams should go at each other and provide everyone the best experience with their scintillating and breathtaking football.

As a Liverpool supporter, I want Liverpool to win but Real is a very strong team and it is going to be a hell of the task to beat the Zidane’s team in the Champions League Final 2018.

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