How to secure top 3 finish in your private mini fantasy premier league every season (2020)

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Please read the title again. Yes, you read it right. Many of you must be wondering he is bluffing. No, I am not. Obviously, not everyone can finish top 3 in the overall world, that’s why we have paid mini league with our friends where top 10-20% gets huge prize based on the entry fee as per members contribution.

You might have come across many articles,blogs,videos while playing FPL. Yes they are very helpful and we should select the best tips based on the analysis. I have achieved top 3 finishes in my paid private league since last 3 years and I have learnt many things which I want to share with you guys. Some of you may be better at this than me, you can stop reading from this point. I do not want to ruin your strategies. I am here to help who are new comers. Let’s discuss

1. Focus on the objective

This is very very very important step in achieving anything you want in life in general. We have lot of mini leagues paid and free. You should always focus on the league where you are going to get highest return on your investment. You might be in multiple leagues but your featured team is same every game week for all leagues and your rank is decided by how your friends are performing relatively, unless you are running away with it.

Focusing on other league might hamper your rank in paid league. Well, you must be wondering how that’s gonna happen, obviously you are going to focus on your main paid league only. Here’s the subconscious mind and psychology plays an important role.

I will explain this with example which happens in real life. Once score gets updated, we try to check each detail in FPL app such as bonus points, goals and assists. This we do generally for average around 30 mins every game week or may be every day if you are obsessed with FPL. After this we get hooked on to those players and it affects our decision making for upcoming GWs.

We should check out how our friends are doing in private mini league. Well checking every team would be a hard task. Here’s the website which you can use to get the picture of your competitors in your league. As per their players combination you can judiciously take decision on differentials and captain choice so that you can gain advantage in your mini leagues. Check the below link, which I find very useful.

Link – Live League Comparison

Live FPL

Refer this comparison tool. We can clearly see that we should not tinker with high ownership players in your mini league as this will badly affect your league rank. If they score big. There are many features available in this site, you must use them to get good understanding of statistics.

We should look at the next picture while making those transfer decisions. Many players don’t perform consistently except few ones, like KDB this season is in hot form irrespective of the team he is facing. There are players with >30% ownership should not be transferred out immediately, unless injured or out of form for longer period. These decision should be contemplated over 2-3 days, try to gather as much data possible to arrive at the conclusion.

I hope you have understood what message I am trying to put across. Focus on particular league before making changes. Decide the objective. That’s it.

2. Be Patient

This is very simple tip, but hard to follow. Even I struggled initially when I started my FPL journey but over the period I have realized that patience is key here. Remember this is a Marathon not a sprint played over almost whole year.

Imagine you are running a marathon with your friends. Consider strengths and weaknesses of your friends too. Your friends might start quickly and can burn out in later stages by not following certain strategies at the right time. Consider energy drinks and crowd applause in between as Chips to boost your run.

Let me give you an analogy on this. If you take drinks just at the start or directly at the finishing line it won’t help. It is like using your bench boost or Triple captain chip when there are no double game weeks.

Marathon finish

Probably many of your competitors will lose patience at certain stage in the league, they might stop playing once they feel they are not performing well. You should not lose hope and keep on pushing by being patient while making changes.

Consider making no changes even if you have free transfers when your team is doing well, that is equivalent to medium pace. Take hits whenever you think in form player will provide double digit figures, that is equivalent to quick sprint to gain the lost ground in marathon. Get motivated by other team members performance and track their transfer strategies if possible. This whole process is about learn and evolve.

Don’t rely on luck and make fancy or drastic changes if your team is doing well. Keep template players to hedge against take over. Chasing pack might come near you by taking risks but they won’t be able to sustain if you keep following template, very less likely that will happen and in case they go ahead of you, you still be patient and keep pressuring them with close gap by avoiding risk. Even if you are not able to catch up let’s just admit that your friend is playing better than you. Don’t get disheartened ! Point is that never give up.

3. Anticipate

Anticipate their next move. What is he talking about ? has he gone mad ? Yes, it is very important when your competing in your paid mini leagues. We know we can not see transfers of other FPL players unless GW deadline passes.

There is one way where you can get an idea of this anticipated move. We have Whatsapp groups or any other social media forum where we are connected. Friends always discuss  about their next transfer moves on Whatsapp group. You can also expect someone to provide tips on our next transfers moves or chips usage. Those are your cues where most of the top players are heading, it may not be 100% true as some of them make last minute changes also. We need all the information we can get to make the best decision.

FPL twitter community runs voting poles if you search, that helps in your captain choices. There may be other forums/discussions where you can get anticipated moves. I would suggest you to follow fantasy football scout as they have very good content which helps me immensely.

Link – fantasy football scout

Final Word

I do not want to talk about specific strategies/tips here, as there is lot of content you can find easily which will help you. if you want me to write about certain FPL topics, please let me know in the comment section. I would definitely try my best to deliver that to you.

I wanted to focus on certain mindset which helps me every season which I have shared and I hope it will help you. I am here to help.

Each GW I try to come up with game week preview and review of last game week. Please check out my latest blog FPL GW 31+ Review || GW32+ Preview || FPL Guide

Kindly contact me through contact form or twitter (@False9Analysis) where in we can discuss about tips for your FPL teams.

I would really appreciate if you find this article helpful. Let me know through your likes,comments and share.

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