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I came across interesting read today. This article talks about  Cost of holding a World Cup and its economic impact.

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Stand out stats:
•       Korea and Japan (2002): Cost $7.5 bn and led to a $4.36 bn profit.
•       Germany (2006): Cost $6 bn and led to an $8.11 bn profit.
•       South Africa (2010): Cost $4 bn and led to a $1.62 bn profit.
•       Brazil (2014): Cost $14 bn and led to a loss of $670 m.

When hosting the World Cup, the country often has goals in mind – to bring in tourism, build a legacy but most importantly, to make a profit.

But with past hosting countries, such as Brazil, turning their former stadium’s into parking lots – is planning the World Cup worth the strenuous game plan?

Credit brokers, Money Pod, have uncovered the costs of hosting the biggest spectacle on Earth and analyzed whether this has led to a profit or loss

Article Link – Is World Cup Legacy Worth it?

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