FPL | Players Pick and Prediction Series #1 | 2020-21

As I mentioned in my previous blogs that I want to come up with something new this FPL season. I have started to consume a lot of content around FPL daily in and day out. We all have access to PL stats, fixtures, and form to make a decision on our transfers. This season we have so many options to ponder over and that is already turning into a headache.

I will be watching most of the games and making notes in my diary to find out the best FPL picks for the upcoming game week. In this series I will pick one player from each team from the FPL perspective every GW, it may happen that player will have less potential against strong opposition, but I will try to find out one player from each team based on my analysis which includes stats, notes made while watching games and the other influencing factors which might come into play.

Mostly I will be relying on eye-test backed up with stats in some cases. I hope this player’s pick series will be a useful read to everyone. I know most of us do not like to read lengthy articles. There will be a graphic form of my picks which I will share on Twitter before every GW to help you and it will save you a lot of time. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @false9analysis, it will be very easy to interact and share FPL tips, tactics over the course of the season.

Let’s jump into the player pick for GW2 with the help of this graphic.


In the above graphic, I have picked up one player from every team who is expected to score more in FPL from that team in that GW.

Criteria of Success would be a 5+ score. The reason behind that is at least 1 assist gives 3 points which guarantee 5 points given that he has played more than 60 minutes and with no disciplinary record, same goes for defenders and GK too.

Before the start of every GW, we will put scores of these previous GW players pick and will see how many of these players pick we get right (Of course 5+ points). Let’s hope we get most of them right.

Players Pick analysis

The sequence of analysis will be based on the fixture sequence, remember that it is not ranking of players based on the FPL points potential.

James Rodriguez (EVE – MID)

Out of all the players I saw in the first GW, he looked very good. He created 5 chances and all of them were squandered by Richarlison. James was pinging balls to the wide flank and providing so much to Everton’s attack. Though Digne got the assist, it will be hard to deny the fact that James was so good in that game. The only worry with James is that has he got the endurance and pace to match that every GW. Let’s hope he continues to play like that most of the time. They are playing against West Brom and James is likely to get attacking returns in this fixture.

Sam Johnstone (WBA – GK)

At this stage, no West Brom player stood out for me as we do not have enough data. In their first GW, they lacked attacking prowess. Everton will be looking to build on their winning start against Spurs. West Brom goalkeeper will be busy in this match. I expect a lot of save points on the cards, West Brom conceded 2 penalties against Leicester in the last GW, which states that GK could get a good return in case he saves a penalty.

Bamford (LEE – FWD)

Leeds will be itching to get a win against Fulham as they gave a tough fight to current PL league champions Liverpool. Bielsa’s tactics coupled with high energy relentless press would give hard time for any PL side in this season. Leeds won 3-0 against Fulham at home last season in the Championship and Bamford scored inside 10 minutes of the game. Leeds are the side who never give up and it will be hard to stop them especially at home. Bamford and Harrison are both good choices for this GW but I went for Bamford.

Mitrovic (FUL – FWD)

Everyone surprised when Mitrovic was benched in the first GW. He did score in the week against Ipswich in the EFL Cup. A few seasons back he proved to be a great pick early on and later faded away. Let’s hope he gets valuable FPL points this season as a budget forward. As Camara did not look that great in the game against Arsenal, I expect Mitrovic to start this game.

Rashford (MNU – MID)

Rashford has been reclassified as a midfielder this season and Martial as a Striker, which has increased the point scoring potential of Rashford even more. Though this is the first game and we do not know which United player is essential going ahead. I know you must be wondering where is Bruno. Bruno is consistent and has a good record away from Home. This fixture Rashford could be differential and could provide a great value given that he still has <10% ownership. He shared Penalty duty too post lockdown with Bruno, we never know.

Guaita (CRY – GK)

Guiata was the Man of the Match in the last GW for me. He made incredible saves to deny Saints time and again. As a GK standpoint, he has a better chance of getting saves points as United will be attacking given the match is at Old Trafford. Remember that United tend to get a Penalty, that is good potential if he saves one of those. I would be shocked if United lose this as they did last season at Home against Palace.

Aubameyang (ARS – MID)

Auba is pretty much set and forget, besides that, he has signed a new contract with Arsenal and making him the top earner in the squad. He could have scored 2 goals in the first game week easily and looked very good. He is classified as a midfielder this season and it makes him an enticing prospect in this FPL season. This week he has a good fixture against West Ham at Home. It’s Aubameyang, needs no explanation. Even though he has only 1 goal against Hammers in the last 4-5 fixtures.

Antonio (WHU – MID)

West ham produced a disappointing display in GW1 and it is a worrying sign for them. Their signings are not delivering since last season. Antonio has an aerial threat to set pieces and corners, that’s the only hope I have from West Ham. If he produces the numbers post lockdown then he should be on your watchlist, till then hold on to any west ham asset as of now.

Ings (SOU – FWD)

Ings was prolific last season, although he could not get on the score sheet in the first game. We can’t ignore that Guaita’s superb performance. He is playing against Spurs who have played the Europa League game, he will be looking to get on the score sheet against a tired Spurs side. Spurs have made two great signings in the name of Bale and Reguilon. Those signings won’t be available this weekend and won’t change their defense that quickly.

Son (TOT – MID)

Well, this is the first time I am less confident on Son, as Spurs have been lackluster and it is irritating to see them play like that. Son was my go-to option always and over the last season, it changed my opinion. I may give him a pass for 2 more GWs to see if he can get attacking returns. Son is selfish in terms of taking shots is the only thing I am holding on to him.

Wilson (NEW – FWD)

He is back and with a goal. He did not live up to the expectation in the last season as he did well previous season when he scored 14 goals for Cherries. Fraser and Wilson partnership can do well with the new side and he has that poacher mentality. Wilson seems to perform better in the opening fixtures of the season and he has started well with a goal against West Ham.

Lamptey (BHA – DEF)

He was sensational in the game against Chelsea and was not shy to take on players. If Brighton gets a good striker then his potential could be exploited. Lamptey got a lucky assist as Trossard had a long shot at the goal with Kepa in goal. He is worth monitoring going ahead this season. We have not seen much from other Brighton players to look past Lamptey in the first game.

Werner (CHE – FWD)

Timo Werner’s movement was excellent in the first half and could have scored a goal, had RLC found the right pass. Werner’s pace can be used to exploit the high line set by Liverpool’s defense. Liverpool are defensively shaky since lockdown. I am sure Klopp will find a way to tighten them up again sooner. Werner had a dead leg after the game but he will be playing against Liverpool as he was confident in the press conference. This game has goals in it, given the attacking prowess both sides have. Werner is most likely to get something out of it for Chelsea.

Mane (LIV – MID)

Yes, I am shocked too as I had to pick Mane for this game. Long term perspective Salah is a better option given that they both have the same price of 12 million. Salah is sharp and this could deviate attention from Mane. Historically Mane is better away from home. That is the only reason I am picking Mane over Salah for this fixture. I would love to have Salah in my team at the moment. Mane has a knack of scoring away goals for Liverpool.

Vardy (LEI – FWD)

Though he got two penalties, he scored them. Vardy tends to take a few games to get in the groove. Barnes looked great on the eye but his finishing was poor. Vardy is most likely to score against the Burnley who will be playing their first game of the season this Sunday. People tend to overlook him as so many premium options are available but remember he was the golden boot winner last season. Just saying.

Grealish (AVL- MID)

Villa will kick off their campaign against Sheffield this Monday. Grealish has signed a new contract with Villa that could give them the lift. Villa certainly heavily rely on Grealish for attacking potential. Last season Mcginn showed some glimpses where I thought he could be the value pick, but he could not score more points due to the fact that Villa were not clinical enough. Grealish is the best pick that we can have for this fixture.

Lundstram (SHU – MID)

Many FPL managers have been put off as he has been reclassified as a midfielder this season, but he is still a good player who likes to attack the box. Sheffield are missing a clinical striker and they are in contention for signing Brewster from Liverpool. Lundstram could still become a great option in FPL this season. He has more open play crosses 9 in the last game. Any player who does that is likely to get an assist. Lord Lundstram it is.

Jimenez (WOL – FWD)

Wolves got double over City last season, City would be aware of their threat’s and would be willing to put performance to get a win as revenge. It’s a tricky fixture though and Wolves are a side who don’t give up. They came back to win 3-2 against City. Jimenez and Traore show could be on display here. Traore has become a more of a wingback as Doherty left for Spurs. That’s the reason I chose Jimenez as a safe bet to get some attacking points. It will be a great game.


Aguero might not start as he is in recovery. KDB is the safest pick out of any City player as David Silva has gone and KDB has to play an important role here. Aguero and Sterling are more explosive choices going ahead. Wolves are tough to break down and KDB’s pinpoint crosses would be the key factor for City’s goals. KDB is a no brainer in FPL. Sterling for a differential captain is a good choice.

In the next GW, we will see how many of our players scored 5+ points and reveal the same in the GW3 article.

Best of Luck to everyone in GW2. I would appreciate the feedback on my blogs/articles. Please feel free to shop FPL T-shirt with relatable FPL quotes from the FPL T-Shirt Section. Kindly share the article if you think it can help others as well.

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