FPL | Player Pick and Prediction Series #2 | 2020-21

Welcome back to the Players Pick and Prediction Series #2. I had a decent game week 2 considering the average score. We will review the Player pick prediction from the last GW first. We were able to get 50% of our prediction right in the GW2. If you want to check out the prediction here’s the link for you.


I am happy about the fact that the predictions that we got wrong from the teams that are not particularly in great form. I know we are only 2 games in the season. Let’s get into GW3 Players pick and prediction fixture wise.

If you are new to this blog, let me remind you that I have started this series which consists of the selection of one player from each team in that GW who is expected to score 5+ points in FPL. If that player scores 5+ we mark them as Green or Red otherwise. I would appreciate it if you like, share as much as possible, it will help me immensely.

FPL GW 3 Picks

Players Pick analysis

James Rodriguez (EVE – MID)

It’s the same pick again for Everton as last week not because only he scored, but he is their creative outlet. James possesses a great range of passing which helped them unlock the defense last time. I watched the whole 90 minutes of the game while I was taking my notes from the game. He provided an outrageous pass to Digne which could have been an easy tap in goal for DCL as well. Rodriguez’s pass to Richarlison over the top was also an example of another dimension to their creativity. All his stats and in-game performance suggest that he is the point magnet. The only thing that worries me that his game time and endurance over the period. As long as he is playing we should make the most out of him.

Zaha (CRY– MID)

Zaha was sensational so far in the first 2 GWs of the season. He always had that flair and technical skill to threaten any defense without much end product. Seems like this season he is improving on that part of the game. Palace’s FDR is too good over the next 2 months. He is high on confidence and it could bode well for his managers.

Lamptey (DEF – BHA)

I was hesitant about being brave putting Lamptey ahead of everyone in the GW2 as I saw glimpses of his talent against Chelsea. Boy, he further strengthened my faith in him for his performance against Newcastle. He has the desire to fight for every situation even when it’s difficult when I saw his tackle when the ball was through for Newcastle. He has taken a few knocks that’s why he was subbed off. I believe United will look to bounce back in this game, but the way United are defending at the moment I can see Lamptey will give them some tough time. Lamptey completely shattered Saint-Maximin in the first 30 min and ASM was taken off immediately.

Rashford (MID – MNU)

Manchester United were poor in the first game. They could not break down the disciplined Crystal Palace defense. They need someone who can unlock the defense against the sides who sits deep. United’s all four attacking assets are equal at this moment given that they were below par in the last GW. The only reason I have gone for Rashford over others is that he is someone who will try to do something which can cause trouble. More often it doesn’t work, but if I have to pick one player right now, he is the one. Greenwood is a cheap option and expected to start this GW, which could be a good pick too.

Diagana (MID – WBA)

Tough Pereira is on set-piece and posses quality on the ball, Diagana impresses me the most. Last GW against the toffies Diagana showed that he is not afraid to take on the defense. He is willing to shoot more often than not. West Brom’s defense is weak and Chelsea would be taking advantage of it. West Brom has to play on the counter-attack and that’s where Diagana’s pace will be helpful.

Werner (FWD – CHE)

Werner would be willing to get his first goal for Chelsea in the Premier League when he faces that West Brom Defense. He could have had an assist against Champions had Jorginho converted his penalty. It seems that Werner is all about his pace. The thing I noticed is that he is not willing to give up. Last week he was nullified by the brilliance of Fabinho and in the second half Chelsea were 10 men, so he could not do much as he would have liked. This game is the perfect opportunity for Timo Werner to get going in the Premier League.

Wood (FWD – BUR)

Chris Wood is up and running again. Southampton were so poor defensively in the last game against Spurs. They would love to improve that against Burnley. Chris Wood’s physical prowess gives him an edge in this game against Southampton. I can see Wood gets attacking returns given that he will target weaker defender in height such as KWP. If Vestergaard plays then he has to man-mark Chris Wood. Wood has an unorthodox way of playing when it comes to scoring, we never know how he can put the ball into the net.

Ings (FWD – SOU)

People seem to forget that he scored 20+ goals last season. Ings is a real threat when it comes to scoring goals. xG may be against him in the last game week against the Spurs, Ings quality of finishing as a Striker has improved dramatically over the last season. Danny could have had scored 3 goals in the last game but ended with 2. He has good fixtures too. Even though his price has increased this season but he is a bargain.

Lundstram (MID – SHU)

Sheffield United is having second season syndrome at the moment. They have lost both opening games of the season. The analysis also suggests that they heavily relied on Dean Henderson’s performance last season. They still can change the season going ahead, but Leeds are a tough side to face. So far from the eye test, we can say that the Leeds defense is very vulnerable. Sheffield should try to get the breakthrough as early as possible. Lundstram is key to attacking points however cliche it sounds. It’s a first Yorkshire Derby since 2001 and it’s going to be goals galore.

Klich (MID – LEE)

Leeds United’s attack is very exciting to watch at the moment. Last week we picked Bamford to score and he gave a whopping 14 points and so did Klich. This time I pick Klich as he is on penalties and we are seeing a trend of Penalties due to VAR’s involvement. Klich and Bamford are good picks for this fixture as they are high on confidence when they are attacking. Bamford will be subjected to rotation as he does a lot of pressing relentlessly and will be substituted by Rodrigo most of the time.

Son (MID – TOT)

Son owners must be happy with 24 points haul from last week. It’s difficult to replicate this form week in week out, which is quite understandable. Southampton played a high line and then capitulated when Kane was feeding great blind balls to Son. Newcastle will be tight defensively and will be difficult to break down. Kane dropping in deep and allowing Son to attack vacated space could bode well for Son again.

Wilson (FWD – NEW)

Spurs attack on a high and two major signings in the name of Bale and Reguilon have given them the lift. Even though Bale won’t feature till he is match fit, but certainly keeps attacking players on their toes. This suggests that Newcastle will have a hard time defending against them. Wilson has the potential to nick a goal as Spurs defensively are defensively conceding shots far more than others. Lloris is a joint top with 8 shots conceded with Guaita. Wilson is most likely to be on the end of things.


Even though Leicester is a tough fixture but City enjoys playing against them. Leicester’s defense is not that great. Justin looks naive while defending. Manchester City could target him very easily. As a matter of fact, all City assets are great at the moment given the fixtures that they have. KDB stands out as he has been playing in No 10 role and he is on penalties as long as Kun is not there. Sterling could be the differential pick of this game as he is explosive. Against tougher opponents, KDB seems to perform better.

Antonio (MID – WHU)

Antonio has started where he left off last season. He is still providing FPL points to us. West ham’s fixtures going to get tougher from GW5. If you own him hold on to him till next week. He is West Ham’s stand out player at the moment.

Jimenez (FWD – WOL)

Jimenez is an FPL magnet. He doesn’t need good fixtures. It’s all about his form. He is in good form and scored against City too. Podence emergence this season could attract further points for Jimenez. There were articles written about Wolves that they are evolving and going to improve their playing style, which you can see from their signings as well.

Mitrovic (FWD – FUL)

Let’s face it. Fulham are defensively weak and Mitrovic is the only asset that we are talking about when they promoted back to the premier league. Rightly so there is no one that stands out apart from Mitrovic. I would not be surprised if I pick Mitrovic for 38 times for Fulham this season.

Watkins (FWD – AVL) 

He may not have scored the goal in his first game, but this boy looked very good in the last GW. Watkins made good runs in behind and Sheffield United got caught and Egan received a red card for that. He looks good on the eye, definitely, one to watch out. He is my surprise pick of this game week.

Salah (MID – LIV)

Salah at home tends to perform better than away, but Arsenal have improved so much this year. They are a team with a clear direction and system. We need to consider the arrival of Thiago from Bayern which has added another dimension to this Liverpool’s attack. Klopp has confirmed in today’s press conference is that Henderson won’t be available and Gomez is fit. We can see Fabinho back again in his regular DM position which could see Thiago in No 8 role. I expect Salah to get attacking returns in this game based on the dynamics of the situation has bolstered the Liverpool attack

Auba (MID – ARS)

Auba stands out for me and he is a world-class striker. He targeted TAA in the community shield. I know Klopp would ensure their defense to be more solid this time around, but if anyone can score from an outrageous position it is Auba. We expect Arsenal to play on the counter, from where Auba will be most effective.

As a football fan, I am looking forward to the Liverpool vs Arsenal game from a tactical point of view. It would be awesome to watch both sides with the new setup.

Kindly let me know who do you think will shine in GW3. Drop your teams on twitter @false9analysis. We can connect on Twitter.

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