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GW 31 was good and luckily I got 81 points higher than the average. Here’s my team.


Let’s discuss about GW32+ now. Most of us have used wildcard/free hit in last GW. I am pretty sure many of us have no chips or single chip left at our disposal. This means our jackpot bumper score time is over and we have to use the strategy of few differential players to gain the upper hand in your mini leagues.

One advice is to everyone is that, if you are lagging behind by 100+ margin in your mini league then take risks accordingly. Please identify where do you want to finish realistically.

Here I will be focusing on few players from each category who are likely to score points. I have looked at fixtures and found out few picks in each category that will help you. Current relegation scenario,european aspirations, Liverpool’s confirmed PL title are added into decision making and will make things interesting.

Let’s check out what are the options I have selected

GK- we should not tinker much with this position now, stick to what you have,as we may want to use transfers for other positions.

if we have to select one then Nick Pope and Patricio both are good options.


Ben Mee, VVD, Trent, PVA

Ben Mee and PVA both have good fixtures as their opponent are not fighting for anything and resting at mid table, same is the case for both the teams. They might now want to push and take risk, it could result in stalemate and we may get clean sheet points,

VVD and Trent will mostly feature as Klopp’s side would love to showcase that they are PL title winners. It would be free scoring game and most probably they won’t get clean sheet points, but both have good attacking potential



In recent weeks Mahrez has been instrumental other than KDB when it comes to attacking potential for City.

Son and Richarlison can explode as they are looking good and passing an eye test.

Leicester in general are not in great form and they look rusty. Chelsea closing in on them might trigger Leicester’s form upward,that the case for Madison.



DCL and Vardy are both playing against each other, seems they can get few points looking at their european aspirations.

Jimenez is in hottest form right now, he doesn’t even needs a discussion.

Rashford got 2 assists in last GW and could have got a goal also but he missed an open goal, he seems in good form



These choices are risky, but you can consider given the unpredictability of FPL and potential advantages over your mates in FPL.

Captain Choices-


Please comment how your team performed in last GW, let me know your thoughts on these options,so that we can help each other.

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