FPL – Free Hit ? || Players to watch out for this GW

Game week 34 is yet to be over, but we need to prepare for next game week. Yeah, we are talking about Fantasy premier league. This is the business end of the competition where one can really catapult themselves into top position in their private league. Are you using Free Hit Chip ?

Many have played free hit chip in the game week 31 where Salah demolished Watford by scoring 29 FPL points as we saw only 4 matches played during that week and those who played that chip scored average 94 points. Quite astonishing isn’t it ? 

Well now it’s time for those people who are yet to play that free hit chip. Game week 35 is the perfect opportunity to play it because it features only 6 matches.

So we have worked out a draft of players to watch out for. Do not mind putting some cheap players on the bench as you can not play 2 chips at the same time.

Here we have listed few players from the teams who are playing Game week 35

Free Hit Chip Draft

free hit

Now let’s focus on some important points here.

Go for Man City Players –

As Man City already clinched the premier league title and they would want to celebrate that by playing attacking football and it is very difficult to ignore those players as they do not have champions league or FA cup to play for.

Surely it will be a goal galore at Ethihad and  atleast 2 Out of these 3 players (Jesus,Sterling and Sane ) should be in your teams.

Wary of Liverpool Players –

We know that Liverpool have a champions league game coming up against Roma on 24th April and Klopp might rotate his players ahead of that important clash at Anfield.

Even if Salah,Mane play that game it would be for limited time but they can certainly cause damage to get enough points in FPL. It would be a risk if we avoid those players.

Players to watch out for

Aubameyang not involved in Europa league, so he is must be in that team given the scarcity of premium options upfront.

Arnautovic, Zaha and Perez are in form players. Relegation threat might encourage  those players to perform at their best or worst. Certainly Perez is not worried about relegation.


I always believe that even if you do study players,their form and fixtures but always have 1-2 players in your team based on your gut feeling and judgement of the game, it always helps.

During last game week transfers, I had a gut feeling regarding Pogba that he won’t be able to cause much damage to West brom, because they have tall defenders unlike Man City. (See previous blog link- FPL Double Game Week blog 10). Though Pogba can rack up points against Bournemouth, but I had already taken 8 points hit so couldn’t do many transfers.

All worked out for me as I kept faith in Zaha and he delivered me 14 points in a single game week.

My points summary before 2 matches to go for this game week

my team score


Best of luck for everyone with free hit chip in the next game week. Please let me know if you have got better score than me and suggest me your tricks and tips to succeed in FPL.

We will come up with a new blog this weekend again till then follow false9analysis and share this blog 🙂



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