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Premier League action comes back again after that crazy weekend in the champions league. More importantly we have lots of games to catch up. Yes, we are going to talk about fantasy premier league.

Fantasy Premier League Double Game Week

So all fantasy managers out there must be waiting for this weekend to come as this Double Game week means certain teams will be playing twice this game week. 

Fantasy Premier League players around the world want to make up ground in their private league and it couldn’t get any better. I personally think that this is make or break. I am at the top of my private league and do not want to squander my lead at this stage.

So I prepared a list of players that we must have going in this game week and here they are

Riyad Mahrez and Vardy –

As both have great fixtures against Burnley and Southampton. Their combination is lethal and can cause damage to both teams. Southampton has been struggling defensively this season.


Man United has two great fixtures where any attacking player might be a good choice. West Brom are abysmal this season, but Man United have semi final of FA cup coming up and they might rest Pogba.

West Brom has tall players who can defend in the air well so I thought it would be great to go with Sanchez and Lingard who are short and can hurt West brom defense with their agility.

Salah and Arnautovic – 

Tough we know that these players are not having Double Game Week but they are more than enough to  out score any DGW player. Looking at the fixtures that they have got, it does make sense to have them in your squad.

Other Players to look out for –

We have very less time till game week starts so I am going to put list of other players which might help you in making that decision effectively.

Attackers – Austin, Kane, Lukaku

Midfielders – Eriksen, Albrighton, Cork

Defenders – Chilwell, Alonso,Long

Goal Keepers – De Gea, Courtois, Schmicheal

Here’s my team looks like and I have my bench boost activated for this game week.

fpl team


Point Summary


Till then enjoy and let me know if you have an interesting topic to share with.

We will come up with a review of this game week and many more topics. Stay tuned !

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