Champions League 2018 quarter final preview

This is it. The wait is finally over. Champions league quarter final games are few hours away. Every one who supports any one of the eight teams is very very excited and can’t wait to watch those games or should I say experience those nights ?I guess experience is the right word here.

Let’s look at all the fixtures and then discuss about it.

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Juventus vs Real Madrid-

It starts with two heavyweights of the tournament. yeah Juventus Vs Real Madrid. I mean how exciting it is for all football fans to witness this clash. We are aware of Real Madrid’s pedigree in this competition in spite of their domestic poor form. We experienced that in the last 16 clash against PSG when most of the football fans were rooting for PSG to tear Real Madrid.

At the end Real showed that they have won back to back champions league and they belong to this tournament more than any other team in the world.

As we know, Juventus have the experience and know how to play the game over two legs as they beat Barcelona last season but were beaten by Real in final which is a one off game.

It’s very difficult to predict but Real might edge this out to enter in semis but it’s Juventus so I want to see nail biting clash.

Sevilla vs Bayern and Barca vs Roma

I would not discuss more about games on Sevilla vs Bayern and Barca vs Roma as we are pretty sure that who will go through but I would like to see an upset. ( I got what I wanted, an upset check out review blog as Roma came back – Roma come back )


Liverpool vs Manchester City

Next big game is of course Liverpool taking on Manchester City. Two of the most attractive and exciting playing football sides in the England right now. But…There is always a but !

This tie will be decided by how well these two sides defend against each other, as we know both team’s attacking prowess will bang in goals for sure. Though I support Liverpool but recently Manchester City are playing football on another level. Just take recent game against Everton. Each pass of their play making had purpose in it and we have to appreciate it.

Few things work out well in Liverpool’s favor such as

  1. Klopp’s record against Guardiola is great.
  2. Liverpool presses higher up the pitch and that can cause City to make mistake.
  3. Most important one is facing Liverpool on champions league night these players have never experienced before.

We can talk about it for hours and hours but I hope to see great encounters and exciting football from all eight teams in the champions league quarter final stage.

In the end Football wins

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