FA Cup 2018 Final Preview || Chelsea Vs Manchester United || Conte Vs Mourinho

Is it Conte vs Mourinho ? or is it Chelsea vs Manchester United? If you had asked this question year earlier then, people would have said it’s Conte vs Mourinho. This time it’s going to be a clash between two heavyweights for FA CUP 2018. Both teams need this FA Cup trophy so that they can show something to their fans.

Who wants it more?

The real question is who wants it more. If Chelsea loses this FA Cup Final then surely they have nothing to show for. Manchester United has secured champions league qualification. They have second place in the premier league table, but shock defeat to Sevilla in champions league quarterfinals has hurt them a lot.

It is really strange to compare both team’s season on the basis of that. One thing is certain Chelsea were miserable in the premier league this season.

Chelsea’s miserable Premier League Season

Chelsea lost to Crystal Palace, West Ham, Bournemouth, Watford and Newcastle in the last game. Major Problem has been for them is in front. Nobody took the responsibility to score goals in crucial moments.

Even Cesc Fabregas criticized publically about the lack of goals up front and maybe he was taking a dig at Morata.

Alvaro Morata started the season with a great optimism for Chelsea but after returning back from his injury he has not picked himself up. He falls down too easily many times. Premier League is physical and you have to adapt to that.

He was always second fiddle to somebody in big clubs like Real Madrid and Juventus. Now he is the man at Chelsea and he has failed to live up those expectations.

I still rate him highly as a player but he needs to work on his mental side of the game, needs to toughen himself up. I still think that Conte made the biggest mistake by selling Diego Costa, who was very instrumental in their title-winning campaign.

It would have helped Morata to perform better if Costa had been involved in this season.

Manchester United’s Football Philosophy and criticism

This season Manchester United finished second in the premier league with 81 points. If anyone looks at this finish after a 5-6 season at United, they would be happy in terms of position.

But big talking point was their Football and Mourinho’s philosophy. It is really hard to compare which one is better finishing second vs playing ‘not so entertaining’ football.

Theoretically, you can win the league by scoring 38 goals with all 1-0 wins, anyone would take that if it happens. This does not mean that 1-0 wins are not entertaining and 5-4 games are entertaining.

The way team plays football is what counts to decide if it’s entertaining or not. If they are creative up front and passing in between the lines with fluidity then it’s exciting to watch. Every football fan wants that.

If the team defends well with great tackles and maintaining proper shape then it’s great to watch.

I think it’s a combination of both that makes a solid team and Manchester United fans certainly want attacking philosophy at times. If they are playing against strong opposition, leading by 1 goal and less time remaining in the game then it’s understandable to sit back and close the game out.

Expected Playing XI-

This should be the expected line up of the FA Cup Final 2018.

Morata could play ahead of Giroud is the only concern here, as Conte has a tough task to make the decision to include him in starting XI.

Lukaku was injured and doubtful but in a big game like this, he is going to be there for Manchester United.

If Matic and Hererra play together then it will be great for Paul Pogba as he enjoys going forward and he is at his best when he joins the attack. Matic and Hererra would provide him that defensive cushion that Pogba needs.

Sanchez has to step his game as he can become a first player to score in FA CUP final consecutively for two different teams. Lingard has come good for Manchester United this season and he will be hoping to finish this season on a high.

Rashford has great potential to come from the bench with Martial same goes for Pedro with Chelsea.

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Looking at both teams and their forms, Manchester United looks favorite to win this clash. Chelsea needs to put their best performance of the season to clinch this coveted FA CUP 2018 trophy.

Whatever the result may be, we hope to see exciting final at Wembley. Let’s hope that FA CUP Final 2018 will be more entertaining than Royal Wedding.

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