Fantasy Premier League Tips || Wildcard Time ?

We are back again with Fantasy Premier League Tips for this weekend and guess what it’s Wildcard time for many of us. Let’s get started then.

International Break –

It’s been a long weekend for all football fans around the world. Tough I enjoyed couple of games such as matches involving Spain and Germany. But everyone missed EPL games as we are almost prepared for final run in.

This is the period where everything boils down to. I know many people play Fantasy Premier League around the globe and must have saved their FPL wildcard as they were eagerly waiting for players to come back in training at the club level.

Plan Wisely

This is Game week 32 and only 6 Game weeks to go with 2 double Game weeks on the horizon so we should build our squad from now on as in double game weeks we will be using chips such Bench Boost and Triple Captain. We all know that we can not use two chips in single game week. So Ideally we have only 2 game weeks to play around. If we are planning to use wildcard in game week 33 then there is chance that players value may go up and it will be difficult to slot them in our squad then.

Then let’s make draft of players who are most likely to get the maximum out of this period.


I worked out this sheet for players who will have the chance to play two games during game week 34. Color indicates the difficulty level they are against. Seems like Chelsea,Leicester and Man United have decent fixtures in Game week 34.

So it would be great if we can pick up players from those teams. Having said that we can not ignore other teams given the teams are competing during business end of the competition and fighting for survival could mean we can see minnows causing upsets.

Besides that teams which do not have double game week has one hot property in the name of Mo Salah. Certainly we can’t ignore him. if anybody does that then there’s a reminder he just scored 29 points in last week.

My expected Team (Check out my team- Link – My FPL Team)

By looking at all of the factors,assumptions and gut feeling I am also planning to use wild card this week and here’s my team look like and it may change before deadline if some major news comes up.


I know you would be surprised that this is not a great team at first glance but it’s within the budget. The reason I did not bring in Man United players as they have Man City game coming in next few weeks. As we progress further we can see players like Kane,Lukaku and Hazard coming in. Still lots to ponder over as Game week closing in.

Let me know what you guys think? I hope to see some different names with different reasoning. It might help me in getting good score. Currently I am on 1820 points will all chips to play.

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